Karly is extremely well informed regarding the area and the properties available

In an age where there exists a lot of negative information, I would like to provide you with some great news about one of your agents. Recently, I purchased a condo in Vancouver through your group and specifically with Karly Cox. First, a little about my background. I have purchase over 10 properties in my life and spent the majority of my career in Sales and Sales Management. Therefore, I can spot someone that has knowledge and cares about their clients. 

I first met Karly at a coffee shop whereby she asked me a lot of questions to determine my wants, needs, and obviously price range. This was impressive because I do not like to have my time wasted with properties that do not align with my needs or outside my financial capacity. Over a period of approximately one week with additional information provided to Karly, I knew she had a very good idea of what my end result would look like. 

Having recently relocated from Atlanta, GA to Vancouver in November, meant I had no earthly idea where in the area I would like to live, however; I did have plenty of time exploring areas on my own. This is where Karly really showed me that she truly was interested in finding what I wanted and not just a property to sell me. I would call her sometimes on a daily basis regarding a property I had seen and she would immediately alert me as to whether if fit my needs or not. This honesty is what sold me on her as an agent. Karly is extremely well informed regarding the area and the properties available. While I did not need her to “hold my hand” so to speak, she did respond to every question rapidly and efficiently. You have a fantastic agent in your employee and as I get to know more people in the area, she will definitely get all my referrals. If you have any agents struggling in their efforts, have them ride with Karly a couple of days and they will learn how to become successful.